About Teak

About Teak

(Tectona Grandis)

The Queen of Hardwoods

Teak Wood is referred as the “Queen of Hardwoods” because of its close-grain and natural silica content that impregnates the fibers of the wood, making it nearly waterproof. Adding to the Teak’s natural water resistance are the wood’s making natural oils, which do double duty as natural insect repellents, all that making it a type of wood that is highly resistant to any rotting or decay.

Intriguing wood with medical benefits

Native inhabitants of regions where teak is abundant make tea out of the teak tree. This is because of the many medicinal effects that teak is said to have. It is said that the teak bark tea would help alleviate headaches, fever, stomach pains and even treat diabetes. 

Beyond the bark, all parts of the teak tree are said to have a multitude of health benefits. The leaves for example, have been proven to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiulcer properties. The powdered wood can be used to remove internal parasites or turned into paste to treat dermatitis, and the dried leaves can be used to cure sore throat. 

It is inarguable that teak has an incredibly interesting history, and is still an incredibly intriguing wood.

Beauty. Durability. Versatility.

Throughout centuries boat builders have been using teak, but in recent years it has become the preferred hardwood for designers of upscale commercial and residential applications.

Apart from its inherent beauty, teak’s durability and versatility makes it one of the most desirable exotic hardwoods on the planet.

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