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Our mission is to build a business with respect and care to the product, the people involved and our planet.

We work together with selected plantation owners with whom we provide the necessary support to certify their sustainably grown lumber, and offer them transparent and fair prices.

Teak rough logs for sale

Being a raw material as such, it is important to know the characteristics of this natural product and its intended use to define specific requirements and achieve cost-effectiveness. 

Exoteak Trading is a member of a family-owned enterprise with more than 35 years of experience as a producer of palm oil, pineapple, cacao, and also forestry operator.

By choosing to partner with Exoteak Trading, as your trusted supplier of certified teak, you will ensure a traceable supply chain that follows with the national and international laws.

Only Certified Wood

We are a mission-driven social enterprise

Our FSC certified teak ensures a traceable supply chain that supports sustainable forest management, supporting our local communities and promoting our planet’s biodiversity.

Our Impact.

We work jointly with smallholder plantation owners offering support from the phytosanitary requirements to the harvest and the trading area, generating sustainable livelihoods with care for the land and sustainable agricultural practices.

Facts About Teak.

Often referred as the ‘Queen of Hardwoods’, this intriguing wood has many remarkable properties. What is it that makes Teak one of the most desirable hardwoods on the planet? Explore some facts about this exotic wood here.

Who We Serve.

We offer a range of products from rough teak logs and squares to sawn timber with a 12-15% dryness. We also offer custom collaborations working hand in hand with our customers and their requirements. Do you need teak? Let’s discuss

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